Reviews and reactions from all around the world: 

"...the printed musical texts undoubtedly offer a clear visual representation of the structural framework and inner detail of each fugue, admirably demonstrating their coherence and facilitating prospective performers’ appreciation and comprehension of Bach’s compositional processes."



“Excerpts from Eternity is an enormously detailed analytical study which I found fascinating to read. Musicians who have the patience and the proper background will benefit greatly. I myself found the poster synopsis of Ciaccona particularly informative. To have the entire scheme of 4-measure variations in front of you is a true eye and ear opening experience. The book illuminates beautifully both the great complexity of Bach’s compositional work and the unparalleled elegance of his musical language.”

Christoph Wolff – Harvard University Department of Music , Adams University Professor, Emeritus


“Amazing book, research and presentation! This is a reference book, reading material for life. I will definitely return to it, discovering further layers of this masterpiece. Bravi!!!” 

Hagai Shaham violinist, professor of Tel Aviv University


"It opened my eyes to a lot of new dimensions; I enthusiastically recommend these works to violinists and musicians of all ages. I raise my hat in front of the authors talent, work and commitment!"

Gábor Takács-Nagy, violinist, conductor, founder of Takács Quartett


"Colourful BACH is a very interesting and useful project, especially for young violinists it is great."

Michael Vaiman, Student of David Oistrach, Professor of Violin at Musichochschule Köln-Aachen


I got your creation! Wonderfully researched into and set out. The students should be much clearer in ther understanding by reading this. All your analyses are clear and streat forward.

David Takeno, professor of violin Guildhall School of Music


“A new approach to Bach’s solo violin works has been revealed.” 

Gabriella Bokor –


“The book ‘Excerpts from Eternity’ by Barnabás Dukay and Márta Ábrahám is a fascinating reading from beginning to the end and it leads the reader toward the central order of unification.”

Dr. Salamon Kamp – president of Hungarian Bach Society

“The text seems … like a lamplight suddenly falling onto a cathedral built from notes it leads us towards an understanding of its substance. On the enclosed CD Márta Ábrahám’s mature, deeply thought-out playing reveals the order that lies within the Partita in D minor and its concluding Ciaccona – undisturbed by any momentary caprice, general flourishes or ingrained habit.” 

Fülöp Ránki – pianist

“In their writing they point out not only musical but also art-historical points of interest and discoveries.” 

Gabriella Bokor

“Barnabás Dukay and Márta Ábrahám carried out an exciting analysis in their book which resulted in an impressive dissertation which is quite innovative by international standards too.” 

Zoltán Péter –

“The recording of Márta Ábrahám’s performance of the Partita provides a great resource for reading the notes of the music in a „multidimensional” way.” 

Katalin Fittler –

"I can say that the Chaconne Handbook is a fantastic work."
György Pauk -  violin professor of Royal Academy of Music
"Through the Colorful BACH method, we get a way of looking at Bach's music that we haven't been able to find anywhere else.
Szilvay Géza - violinist, founder of Colourstrings


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