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Excerpts from Eternity - (Book + CD)

Excerpts from Eternity - (Book + CD)

Excerpts from Eternity - Márta Ábrahám, Barnabás Dukay

"The Purification of Time and Character, the Fulfilment of Love,
Cooperation with the Celestial Will in
Johann Sebastian Bach’s Ciaccona for Violin"

(Book with CD)

The book presents a structural, motivic and harmonic analysis of the Chaconne movement of the Partita in D minor, one of J.S. Bach’s most popular violin works (BWV 1004), relying on results of cutting edge Bach-research from the 21 century. Excerpts from Eternity is the product of the comprehensive research conducted by the authors, composer Barnabás Dukay and violinist Márta Ábrahám, both of whom are professors at the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, Budapest.


Category: music analysis, textbook

Hardcover with sewn binding: 148 pp

ISBN 978-963-12-8720-2

Publisher: BioBach-Music Book and Music Publishing

CD insert: Johann Sebastian Bach Partita in D minor (BWV 1004), Márta Ábrahám – violin (39 mins)



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