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POSTER - Bach Chaconne (J.S.Bach: Ciaccona)

POSTER -  Bach Chaconne (J.S.Bach: Ciaccona)
  • POSTER -  Bach Chaconne (J.S.Bach: Ciaccona)
  • POSTER -  Bach Chaconne (J.S.Bach: Ciaccona)
  • POSTER -  Bach Chaconne (J.S.Bach: Ciaccona)

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POSTER of J. S. Bach: Chaconne BWV 1004

The Ciaccona’s, map-like large size (60x206 cm) sheet of music, one can hang on the wall. It helps one to find out the elements of the structure and their relationships.The sheet gives a clear insight into the structure of the Ciaccona, and the construction of the large form which results from this structure. This edition of the Ciaccona is based on the autograph and the urtext edition.
Regardless of the book, it can also be purchased as a separate product.

Size: height 206 cm, width 60 cm
Material: paper, natural pine lath, handcrafted, wall-hung poster
Mailed in a 5.2x65cm paper document roll
ISMN 979-0-801670-00-7

Publisher: BioBach-Music Book and Music Publishing L.P.

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Product properties
The piece consists of 64 of four-bar sections (variations) which are arranged in one, two and three variations of formal units. The variations are numbered from 1 to 64 at the beginning of rows. The large format consist of three parts which are increasingly shortening: 33 variations, 19 variations and 12 variations. Since variations are of the same length (four measures), the variation numbers of the parts can be compared as a ratio. The numerical ratios show a golden ratio.

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