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  • Company name / Name: BioBach-Music Book and Music Publishing Limited Partnership
    Address: Fő utca 71, Budapest, 1027, Hungary
    Phone number: +36-209495751
    Email address: info [at]
    Shop name: BioBach-Music
    Tax number: 25945111-1-41
    Company registration number: 01-06-792060
    Registering date: 2017 május 3.
    Bank account number: SWIFT (BIC):OTPVHUHB
    IBAN: IBAN HU 87 11701011 21453331 000000
    Contact person name: György Schweigert
    Contact person´s phone number: 36-209495751
    Contact person´s e-mail address: info [at]
  • » At the Publisher's place in Hungary, Budapest
    At BioBach-Music Publisher's place at a pre-agreed date (cash payment only possible)
    » Fő Antikvárium, Budapest 1027 Fő utca 69.
    Opening hours, on the business day following the transfer of the purchase price. Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11 am to 6 pm, Friday from 11 am to 5 pm.
    » International mail - all Countries
    Delivered within 5-10 days
    Total product weightShipping cost
    0 kg0.49 kg12
    0.5 kg 33
    » Only for Hungary
    1-2 days within Hungary
    Shipping cost7
    » Only for Hungary
    A megrendelt termék árát a szállítási költséggel (1425 Ft) és az utánvét díjával (670 Ft) együtt átvételkor fizeti a vásárló.
    Shipping cost9
    » Only for Hungary
    A csomagterminálok országszerte több mint 62 helyszínen, a legnépszerűbb bevásárlóközpontokban elérhetők.
    Shipping cost4
  • » Cash
    At the publisher's premises in Hungary, Budapest 1027 Fő utca 71.
    » Prepaid payment
    Please transfer the price of the ordered products together with the shipping cost to the BioBach-Music LP. account.
    (SWIFT(BIC): OTPVHUHB) IBAN HU 87 1170 1011 2145 3331 0000 0000
    Enter the Purchase Order ID in the comment.
    We will send feedback on the arrival of the transferred amount to your email.
    » PayPal (Visa, Electron cards, EC / MC embossed cards)
    With this payment method, we will redirect your PayPal system to the buyer. You can use your credit card or existing PayPal account to settle your account. In any case, bank card data must be entered on the PayPal page, so under no circumstances will they access the merchant. Accepted credit cards: Visa (including some Electron cards), EC / MC embossed cards.
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    0 5%
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