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J. S. Bach Ciaccona (Book + CD) - Excerpts from Eternity

J. S. Bach Ciaccona (Book + CD) - Excerpts from Eternity

The publication contains a book with a full analysis of the Ciaccona BWV 1004 by Johann Sebastian Bach, together with a CD recording and a roll of sheet music.

The authors are both professors of the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, Marta Abraham is a violinist, Barnabas Dukay is a composer and musicologist.

The book investigates the anatomy of the structure of the Ciaccona based on 64 variations, exploring the essential context of its external and internal forms and proportions. This publication is unique not only because it is the first complete and fruitful analysis of this very famous piece worldwide. Besides the detailed analysis, the study reveals a hidden special code, that have been undiscovered for 300 years.

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This educational material is recommended for violin, viola, cello and guitar players, organists, composers, musicologists. An indispensable tool for teachers and students. The book gives answers to theoretical as well as performing-practice questions.

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  • Title: Excerpts from Eternity
    Authors: Barnabás Dukay and Márta Ábrahám
    Category: music analysis, educational material
    Page: 148
    Knitting: Threaded, hardcover
    ISBN 978-963-12-8865-0
    Publisher: BioBach-Music Book-and Music Publishing L.P.

    The book is delevered together with 1 CD attachment: Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita Nr. 2. D minor, Márta Ábrahám, violin (39 minutes)

    The 2nd attachment Roll of sheet music (201 x 61 cm) can be ordered apart.

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